Sam Pizzo Joins Advasur

Sam Pizzo

October 6, 2021 / — Advasur, LLC is proud to announce the appointment of Sam Pizzo as Advasur’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Pizzo brings over 30 years’ experience in the chain and community pharmacy verticals. He has led initiatives that provide automated solutions in support of various workflow functions such as tracking patient medication adherence, MTM services, and several other leading edge technology services that have focused on helping the chain and community pharmacies drive business, increase margins, and provide regulatory requirement tools to keep pharmacies compliant.

“Sam is the right compliance services commercialization leader for Advasur,” said J. Randall Hoggle, BPharm, D.Ph., and Managing Director of Advasur, LLC. “He has a wealth of experience and understands the challenges that pharmacies have in trying to stay profitable while keeping up with the regulatory requirements that are driving pharmacies to increase their labor costs. Under Sam’s leadership of Sales and Marketing Advasur will optimize its new growth strategies and compliance services. Advasur has become a “market maker” compliance services provider for the dispenser. Advasur now is the first DSCSA compliance services provider to offer Enhanced Drug Distribution Services (EDDS) services for the dispenser community for interoperable systems, customized to identify, track, and provide the ability to trace prescription drugs as they are distributed within the dispensary pipeline.

“I am excited to be joining this incredibly talented team at Advasur. With the ongoing regulatory mandates that are being imposed on dispensaries around the track and trace initiatives and the work that is required to be compliant, the comprehensive Advasur 360™ suite of services takes most of the processes off the dispensaries which allows them to stay focused on their business.”
Advasur provides software to dispensaries for traceability of prescription drugs sold and distributed in the United States. This includes auditing wholesalers for both manufacturers and pharmacies. Advasur has an advantage in the industry by having experience working with both the government and the private sector on pharmaceutical product and product data supply chain integrity audits, which include building FDA compliance systems.

About Advasur LLC
Founded in 2015, Advasur developed the only comprehensive Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) Turn-Key Outsourced Compliance system, entitled Advasur 360™, for pharmacy dispenser clients. Advasur only provides DSCSA Compliance services to dispensing pharmacies, not to trading partners, supplying manufacturers, wholesalers, repackagers, or government inspectors.